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Hashamomuck Cove

Including footage shot over more than a year, I have produced a short documentary video (less than 5 minutes) that touches briefly on some of the key issues surrounding an 8 year long battle waged by Lynn Laskos and the Hashamomuck Cove Group to save their homes and raise awareness of the threat to County Road 48 from coastal erosion. It’s a race against time. What are the options?

A story as complex as this deserves an hour long documentary – not only to explore the impact on the lives of the people whose homes are affected, also to explain the science behind coastal erosion stabilization generally, its’ successes and failures and to throw light on the challenges faced by various government agencies currently involved in finding the funding, then implementing remedial work to secure the coastline from further damage, if at all possible, and in a timely fashion.

In the meantime, here’s a brief glimpses of how the Cove has changed over the past year, from last summer, through the winter Nor’easter, and the condition now, as of this last weekend, October 16th 2011. Interwoven with this material, I have included selected extracts of County Legislator Ed Romaine and homeowner Lynn Laskos.

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