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The 2009 Election results are in, and SoutholdVOICE congratulates all the winners. We look forward to working with you.

The Complete Results:

Southold Town Council – 100% reporting
Jerilyn Woodhouse (D) – 22.98%, 2,868 votes
Christopher Talbot (R) – 24.63%, 3,074 votes WINNER
Albie DeKerillis (R) – 23.97%, 2,991 votes
Albert Krupski Jr. (D) – 28.42%, 3,546 votes WINNER

Southold Highway Superintendent – 100% reporting
Peter Harris (D) – 100%, 3,726 votes WINNER

Southold Assessor – 100% reporting
Robert Scott Jr. (R) – 51.52%, 4,229 votes WINNER
Kevin Webster (R) – 48.48%, 3,980 votes WINNER

Southold Trustee – 100% reporting
Kari Spielmann (D) – 11.05%, 1,971 votes
John Bredemeyer (R) – 20.92%, 3,732 votes WINNER
Jill Doherty (R) – 22.53%, 4,020 votes WINNER
Edward Harbes (D) – 13.26%, 2,365 votes
David Bergen (R) – 20.64%, 3,683 votes WINNER
Audrey Horton (D) – 11.60%, 2,069 votes

Southold Town Justice – 100% reporting
William Price Jr. (R) – 100%, 4,204 votes WINNER

Fishers Island Justice – 100% reporting
Louisa Evans (R) – 66.31%, 3,627 votes WINNER

Daniel Ross (D) – 33.69%, 1,843 votes


Click Meet the Candidates for the complete list of 12 candidates who ran for Southold Town for a total of 6 Town Board and Trustee seats this November. Browse candidate photos, short form biographies, promotional videos and click links to related websites for each candidate.

Where does each candidate stand on the issues affecting me? Candidates have now answered your questions, 7 in total. They were given 2 weeks to respond, not all of them did so. All the answers to a question were published simultaneously, with no subsequent edits allowed, so that no candidate had the advantage of seeing another candidate response prior to submitting their own. Read about the positions they are taking on key issues that affect you, by clicking the pages below.

Question 1: Your Motivation to Run
Question 2: Deer Control
Question 3: Preserving Water Views
Question 4: Buildable Land Area
Question 5: Clean up Program for Beaches
Question 6: Storm Damage & Erosion
Question 7: Protecting Sound Bluffs

Can I add my 2 cents? Yes. Paid members may submit comments below the candidate responses using the comment window, or post in the forum, where a section has been set up for discussions on the Elections.

Can I amend my answers? Once published, candidate answers cannot be amended or deleted. All candidates may add to their answers at any time by using the comment box below each question, or using the forum. Candidates who have not yet answered the questions, may submit their answers using the comment box below each question.

Can I ask other candidate questions? Yes, the place to ask them is in the Forum – click here to get started.

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