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Army Corps Response to Congressional Letter

David Bergen, Southold Town Trustee, writes:

The Army Corp responded last week in writing to the [congressional] letter. They included two items in their response. First, they provided a response to US Fish and Wildlife to their required Endangered Species Habitat report. We now are waiting for a response from USF&W to this letter. Second, they provided an updated flow chart on the AC permit process for the creeks in Southold, East Hampton, Southampton and Riverhead with pending permit applications. This information was very helpful.

As I had stated in the meeting, the four East End towns agreed to develop and submit a coordinated dredging priority list to the County for their use for the upcoming dredging season. This list received support from all four towns, and has been submitted. The criteria used by the committee of the four towns was maximum public access, then environmental challenges. Maximum public access included marinas, fuel docks, pump-out stations, and launching ramps.

The list is as follows: 1. North Sea Harbor, 2. School House Creek, 3. East Creek (Riverhead), 4. Hawks Creek, 5. Three Mile Harbor, 6. Jockey Creek Spur, 7. Budd Pond, 8. Meeting House Creek, 9. Noyack Creek, 10. Miamogue Creek, 11. Cedar Beach Creek, 12. Corey Creek, 13. Fresh Pond (Southampton), 14. Little Creek, 15. Fresh Pond (East Hampton). Then a second list was developed in case any problems arise which prevents any locations on the above list from being dredged. This list was: 1. Goose Creek, 2. Red Creek, 3. Richmond Creek, 4. Fosters Creek, 5. Fish Creek, 6. Far Pond.

This top tier list of fifteen includes six Southold Creeks, four Riverhead creeks, three Southampton creeks and two from East Hampton. Suffolk County DPW has assigned each of the above locations to their consultant to have Essential Fish Habitats [reports]done as soon as possible, with a deadline of August. They have also assigned the following additional Southold creeks for EFH reports to be done with a deadline of September; Brushes, Deep Hole and James. I hope that members find this information helpful.


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