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Does anyone else think this is very strange?

Abstract dock on Southold Bay

Abstract dock on Southold Bay

FURTHER TO THE DOCK MORATORIUM AND MARK TERRY’S PRESENTATION TO THE TOWN BOARD: On Wed. 12/3 at about 10 am, I go to the Planning Dept. to get a copy of the handout that Mark Terry distributed to the public and those attending his briefing to the Town Board on 12/2/08. I thought that was a simple request. After giving my name to the secretary, I was informed that Mark Terry was on the phone. “No problem I can wait.” I said. After about 5 minutes, the secretary says he is still on the phone. OK, I can wait. About 10 minutes go by and as I am obviously not leaving, The secretary goes to the inner office and returns saying “Heather Lanza says you must complete this FOIL request.” I said, “the information I am seeking was handed out to the public yesterday at the briefing. It was public information yesterday. But today I need to FOIL it? Are you sure that I need to go through a FOIL request to get this?” She said “yes.” I asked after I complete the Freedom Of Information request Letter: “How long would you guess this could take? Doesn’t the request have to be approved by the Town Clerk or others?” She answered “There is no telling, but we will call you.” Then she said, ” The same presentation will be given to the Conservation Advisory Council.”

Does anyone have a guess how long it will take to get a copy of the handout distributed to the public, from the Planning Dept.? Does anyone besides me think this behavior is very strange? Does anyone see a value in having a planning dept. set up a “Public Trust” issue that attempts to pit those using the waterfront against riparian owners, and stir up a confrontational issue where none exists? Who benefits by stirring up unnecessary conflict where there has never been any conflict? I have been on private bay beaches and sound beaches and never has an owner yelled at me. No owner has a problem with respectful law-abiding behavior. No beach walker has a problem with a respectful, law-abiding owner. So I ask again, to anyone who thinks they know: What is this really about? As taxpayers, where do we benefit from the creation of an apparrent conflict where none exists, why do we want to continue to fund finding a solution where there is no problem? How much time and effort over the last 5 months was expended on this project instead of addressing some of the real problems that need attention. This is getting to be very interesting as I watch and wait. I will keep you updated on the progress of the FOIL request.

UPDATE: The print handout of Mark Terry’s Powerpoint presentation is now available. Click here to read it.

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