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Dredging Liaison Report

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Southold Town’s Dredge committee met at Town Hall on Tues Oct 16. It was run by Chairman Eugene Burger, attending were Chris Showalter, Rob Lehnert, Pete McGreevy, and Town Trustee Dave Bergen.

They have begun an inventory of all the town creeks with pictures, littoral drift info, and summary reports as to navigation impediments, etc. This committee will also gather information for ….the town on small dredge equipment that could be appropriate for the Town to buy or lease if the Town Board should consider that option. (It was noted that Suff Co. Dept of Public Works is requesting $ for a second dredge in next year’s budget.) They intend, as we do, to form a liaison contact within each agency that has anything to do with the dredge permit process.

Discrepancies involving the completion of fish habitat and endangered species reports necessary for the permits for Deep Hole and School House Creeks were also discussed. They plan to “flow chart’ each creek as regards it’s physical status and it’s permit process status. This will show them which creeks will need dredging and when; and what the application status is for each agency for each creek.

It was mentioned that SoutholdVOICE members may be available to volunteer to help in their efforts, and the idea was well received. If any SoutholdVOICE member would like to join this liaison committee, please email John Kramer at SoutholdVOICE – AT – gmail.com, (replacing the -AT- with @) and putting Dredge Comm in the subject line. We could use the help!

John Kramer, Chairman SoutholdVOICE

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