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Goldsmith Inlet

Goldsmiths Inlet, Southold New York

Goldsmith Inlet, Southold New York

Hugh and Susan Switzer request that we begin to include Goldsmith Inlet in our activities, especially dredging, storm water runoff and medallions etc. They say, “Goldsmith Inlet is a unique natural resource on the Sound that has been severally neglected and is rapidly detiorating – all due to the lack of dredging and storm water runoff. Will you please include the severe problems caused by the lack of dredging to your/our organizations focus. Many of us at Goldsmith Inlet are members.”

Can someone please explain in a  “Goldsmith-Inlet-for-Dummies”  kind of way exactly what is happening to this beautiful area?  To answer that, and to ask other questions, please click the link just under the title of this post, and that will take you directly to the Forum where all Registered members and Town Officials may post their thoughts freely.

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