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Important Public Hearing Tues Nov 20th, 4:35 PM

Click here to read the Town’s document for the Public Hearing on LL Chapter 275 Amendments

Paul Birman wrote:

The public meeting to consider “A Local Law in Relation to Amendments to Chapter 275″ has been set for November 20th at 4:35 PM. This date is just 2 days before Thanksgiving, when most of the people whom this law will affect will not be in town. If you think this is an inappropriate date for the public meeting, please append your comments below. Let the folks in Town Hall hear your voice.

John Kramer wrote:

This is exactly what I thought would happen: schedule this to a time when most folks are not available to hear the discussion or comment. I will write a letter to the board and copy the SoutholdVOICE and the Suffolk Times. I hope others do as well.

Doug Rose Sr. wrote:

With little more than a month to go before the scheduled meeting, Join SoutholdVOICE, make a comittment to listen and educate your decision about this important amendment. If you are unsure about the wording, or implementation, LOG ON, ask the question and the answer will be explained. Publish your comments and position. SoutholdVOICE is not organizied to influence your vote or position on an issue. We are here to share information, experiences and answer members’ questions. LOG ON, JOIN, and help us improve and maintain the shoreline resources of Southold Town.

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