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It’s about more than Docks

Kevin O’Mara writes:
When I joined your organization, I took at face value the statement that your organization cared about something more than boating on the Bay. Many members have property on the Sound, and little to none of what you seem to talk about affects the Sound. Erosion control is a key issue for Soundfront property owners, likely the largest issue since it relates to the permanent loss of our property, not the ability to sail out into the bay from a personal dock. This is not to minimize the concerns of Bay boaters, but rather to ask that this organization address the entirety of its mission, rather than one narrow aspect of it. This organization gives no attention whatsoever to the issue of erosion control, despite the fact that erosion control is listed as one of the issues SoutholdVoice was formed to address. The reality of the Town of Southold is that there is little to no interest in the property rights of non-resident taxpayers, who disproportionately own waterfront property. Until non-residents register to vote in the Town of Southold, and use their voices to mandate change at Town Hall, this will sadly continue.

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