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Why do we need a mobile version of our site?

    • A basic local tally of our mobile traffic shows that 17% is currently from mobile users.
    • We had 15,920 desktop hits and 3,268 mobile hits in the last 10.5 days. That’s not unique visitors, individual files, but even so, creating a simplified mobile version brings benefits for 17% of what must be a frustrated readership, and that number is only going to increase for every local website as smart phone usage increases.

  • SoutholdVOICE’s citizen led campaign to get #SMEM Smart is about using social media networks for disaster preparedness on the North Fork East End of Long Island, New York. Staying connected during power outages is part of that; a very important part if an earthquake in Haiti and floods in Queensland can teach us anything.
  • A portable whole house generator is a great idea. If you don’t have one when the power goes out for several days, your “go to” source is a wind up/battery powered radio AND a smart phone that can be charged in the car. Cell phone networks have proved their resilience in natural disasters like Haiti (I’ll find the citation, or if someone could forward it, that would be great).
  • SoutholdVOICE website is now accessible using a mobile device.
    • The best way to find out is go to the website, but here’s a summary:
    • A mobile switcher which automatically suggests desktop or mobile presentation, but lets users switch to the other if required (and remembers their choice). If your phone doesn’t automatically give you the mobile version when you first logon, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Switch to our mobile site”
    • Works on Nokia, WebKit, Android, iPhone and Palm devices amongst others.
    • There’s also a mobile barcode widget on our desktop site so that devices with a suitable reader can quickly bookmark the site (see below).

    What does a mobile site look like?It will vary according to which mobile device you are using. On my iPhone, it currently looks like this.If you have suggestions to improve the mobile site, please let us know.

    Do people in Southold actually use smart phones?

    Quite soon, you won’t be able to buy any other kind of cell phone. They’re all going to be smart phones!

What is the domain name address for the mobile site?

The same as before, http://www.SoutholdVOICE.com

What’s the square shape on the home page?

Mobile barcode for SoutholdVOICE

Mobile barcode for SoutholdVOICE.com

No, this is a 2D-barcode containing the address of our mobile site. If your mobile has a barcode reader, simply snap this bar code with the camera and launch the site.

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