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Mooring Rights

From Dave Bergen of the Town Trustees.

“The Town Board is now taking the lead in using what the Trustees have completed to date, and developing their own plan. They ran the meeting last night. I was offered limited opportunities for input. They are now discussing designating areas for mooring fields where permits are required, areas in the bays where no moorings are allowed for either environmental reasons or hazard to navigation, then leaving all other areas open to moorings by permits. They discussed a possible proposal where waterfront property owners would have the opportunity to come into the office one week prior to the general public to obtain a permit for a mooring in front of their house, then it would be open to any resident to come in for a permit in front of another’s home. I questioned what they were going to do about anchoring regulations and they liked the language which had been developed in the Trustee draft. I requested that the Town Board seek input from the community as I had done, and input from the Bay Constable.

Dave Bergen”

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