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Our Members at Work

First, this gorgeous photo of an October sunrise at Harpers Point, looking from Jockey Creek out into Southold Bay, snapped by John Kramer. This gets our “photo of the week” award (OK, we’re biased, he’s our Chairman!), but the submissions were few – in order that he doesn’t win again next week, please send us your photos – they don’t have to be professional – family snapshots welcome. (we know you have some!).

Second, Fran Sladkus’ letter. She has been giving copies of this to her neighbors in Laurel, to encourage them to join the organization. We think it’s a great example of why people are enthusiastic about SoutholdVOICE and we’d like to say thanks to her for all her efforts during the current membership drive.

Dear Neighbor,
Please take a few minutes to review this packet of information which is of great interest to those of us who love our pristine Peconic Bay.

Whether we live on the bay or a creek, own property on the water, use easements to the bay, have a boat, use a mooring or are otherwise concerned with permits of any kind for maintenance or improvements to our properties or have serious concern for runoff and other ecological issues, this is an organization which can speak for you in numbers that will make a difference.

If you find one or more of these areas to be of interest to you, join SoutholdVOICE and make a difference. Your own individual and community concerns will be noticed by the Town Supervisor and the Trustees who regularly check the SoutholdVOICE website to gauge the growth and influence of our membership.

Thank you for your time and welcome.

Fran Sladkus
Peconic Bay Blvd.

August 2007

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