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5: Clean up Program for Beaches

Question 5: Coastal Stewards: Normally all private property owners get twice a year free brush cleanup.  As waterfront owners have brush, flotsam and jetsam on their beaches and shorelines, would you support a change in the definitions of allowable debris to equalize the cleanup program for all property owners?


Albie Dekerillis

Albie DeKerillis: Yes. I will address the issues that the highway department has regarding debris cleanup and separation of natural and man-made materials, and insure that if our residents donate their time to clean up their beaches, that our town will work with them to help remove the debris.

Albert Krupski Jr.

Albert Krupski Jr.: Budget constraints have limited the previous brush pickups; however, the Town Board has increased the free dumping period at the Town Dump from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. The free period is for brush that can be turned into a compost product by town employees at the dump. I would support the inclusion of waterfront-type waste if it can be ground and composted with the brush.

Christopher Talbot

Christopher Talbot: Land ownership coveys rights and with that responsibilities. The town likewise has responsibilities to its residents and a more sensible approach toward debris should be developed.

Jeri Woodhouse: The fall pick-up of leaves and brush by Southold Town employees has been canceled. At the same time it was announced that there will be an extended period of time for residents to transport their compostable materials to the landfill.  I support the inclusion of beach debris in town sponsored recycling programs provided the materials collected from the beach are able to be recycled as compost. I also support public service campaigns featuring anti-littering messages and promoting citizen action directed towards clean water initiatives.


Louisa P. Evans

Louisa P. Evans: Due to the current fiscal climate, the Town is only picking up brush in the spring, although, people may bring it to the transfer station, themselves, for free, November through December. While I support the cleaning up of the waterfront, I do not, at this time support a change in the definition of debris if it costs the Town more money.

Dan Ross: It seems as though the definition provides for equalization now or, am I to understand that waterfront owners do not presently get twice a year free brush cleanup?


David Bergen

David Bergen: I believe two years ago this very issue was brought to the Town Highway Department by the Trustees. We supported the request that waterfront property owners be allowed to place their flotsam and
jetsam in front of their property for pick-up by the Highway Department during their semi-annual cleanup. The challenge which Mr. Harris cited in his rejection of our request was the possible inclusion of both vegetative and non-vegetative materials such as Styrofoam, the remains of lobster or fish traps and other non-biodegradable materials to be removed. My suggestion is to require the property owner to separate the biodegradable from the non-biodegradable materials, so that they can be collected and
deposited separately, in an environmentally favorable method.

John Bredemeyer

John Bredemeyer: Having grown up on the water in Orient I can attest to how much stuff ends up on the beach. Presently, there are “Coastal Clean-up Days.”  Possibly, the Highway Department could authorize additional clean-up days for waterfront owners on those days.

Jill Doherty: With some degree of cooperation from homeowners in separating the natural debris from plastics and other materials, I don’t see why this could not be considered. At the very least, the landfill should take the natural and other debris at certain times during the year at no charge, as they do leaves and other brush. Another consideration is the manner in which debris is collected from the beach. No machinery can be on the beach without first obtaining permission from the proper agencies. The trustees would have to review such a clean up and possibly a bond would have to be set up with the Highway Dept. to use the town road ending to access a particular beach area. Smaller clean ups can be done by hand. No matter the method used to clean up a beach, special care must be taken not to disturb healthy areas of
beach grass or other natural features.
Candidates for Trustee: Ed Harbes, Audrey Horton and Karl Spielmann did not respond to our questions. Candidates who did not respond before press time are welcome to add their answers below using the comment box. SoutholdVOICE members are also welcome to post their comments below. Please stay on topic and start new topics in the forum! Thanks.

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