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Southold Town Resolution on Dredging

Members of SoutholdVOICE should consider volunteering for this Committee

WHEREAS there has occurred over the last year, confusion between government entities including the County of Suffolk, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the United States army Corp. of Engineers with respect to dredging applications for creeks within the Town of Southold, and

WHEREAS the timing and proper completion of dredging applications require year round vigilance so as to insure that each application will be timely made by the governmental entity responsible for making the application, and that each application has been received by the entity to which the application has been made, and that the application has been properly reviewed and is complete so it may be considered at the appropriate time, and

WHEREAS there are residents of the Town of Southold who are greatly affected by the outcome of the application process, and

WHEREAS with regard to most dredging applications the Town of Southold and its various boards and departments is neither an applicant or a recipient of such applications, and

WHEREAS even though the Town of Southold is neither the applicant nor the governmental entity that will determine the application, the Town of Southold nonetheless has a great interest in the proper completion and consideration of such applications, so that the property interests of the residents and the environmental concerns are properly addressed and protected, and

WHEREAS, Chapter 13 of the Southold Town Code provides that the Town Board, by resolution, “may establish advisory committees for such purposes as it may deem necessary to assist it in the performance of its duties”, now therefor be it

RESOLVED that, pursuant to Chapter 13 of the Southold Town Code, the Town Board of the Town of Southold hereby creates the Dredging Advisory Committee. The committee is to be comprised of five (5) members from the community, along with one (1) liaison from the Board of Town Trustees and one (1) liaison from the Town Board. Member shall serve a term of two (2) years and are to be appointed by the Southold Town Board; be it further

RESOLVED that the purpose of the committee is as follows:

  1. To monitor the process of dredging applications made by and to other government entities relative to waterways within the Town of Southold and to report to the Town Board and to the Southold Board of Trustees as to the status of such applications.
  2. Upon request by resolution of the Town Board, to report or otherwise provide information to the Town Board or to the Southold Board of Trustees on such other issues relative to dredging permit applications.
  3. Consider and explore all dredging options in the Town of Southold.

RESOLVED that the Town Board of the Town of Southold hereby authorizes and directs the Town Clerk is to advertise for resumes for members to the Dredge Committee.

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