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It’s not about Docks in the Bay

The Town Board is drafting a moratorium for all new docks and other permanent structures in the bay. My call to Lauren at the Trustee’s office on Thursday, to learn just how many applications were overwhelming them, resulted in this response: “None.”

No person, corporation, LLC is looking to build a dock in the bay…Why then, a moratorium in preparation for a total ban?

The trustees have a 12 point guideline that covers dock permits. (See a copy here) I doubt that there is a need to further restrict the right of a property owner to avail himself to a hearing on the merits of an application. But if that is the case, amend the guideline. Don’t deny a property owner the right to make an application. That is unreasonable.

I ask why the property owner must again prepare to defend himself against a perceived “clutter on the bays” where there is none. What’s really going on in Town Hall? Is this simply the first of several bans? Maybe this is the easy one because there are no applicants? I don’t know and can’t guess, but I sure would like to know what this is really about, because this makes taxpayers nervous.

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