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SoutholdVOICE “Getting Things Done”

The condition of Goldsmith’s Inlet and the Town’s Proposed Rental Permit were the topics of the SoutholdVOICE annual meeting on July 28th. We are pleased to report that progress has been made on both these topics following our meeting.

Goldsmith’s Inlet – At the SoutholdVOICE meeting residents of Goldsmith’s Inlet expressed their frustration to the Town Board, Congressman Lee Zeldin and Representative Al Krupski. Their voices were heard and the Army Corps of Engineers has just announced a project to evaluate the situation at the Inlet and propose long-term corrective actions. 

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The Rental Permit Law was also on the agenda at the annual meeting and residents voiced their concerns about the complexity of the proposed legislation and impact on affordable housing to Town Supervisor Scott Russell and Board Member Jill Doherty. The Town Board has decided to re-think the requirements for rental permits.

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A thank you note to SoutholdVOICE for the Group To Save Goldsmith Inlet

Good afternoon,

We want to thank you for having the issues at the Inlet on the agenda for the recent meeting.

 The discussion and strong support voiced during the meeting has helped to secure the recently announced US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) project for the Inlet, which will evaluate the issues and recommend long term corrective actions.

 Thank you again for your support. We now have the opportunity to have the appropriate experience and expertise addressing the problems as we begin the restoration process and reverse the more than 50 years of decline in the ecosystem.

 We are now looking forward to the USACE project and will keep you informed as the effort moves forward.

Best regards,

Hugh, for the Group To Save Goldsmith Inlet

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