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2008 Dredging Season

Suffolk County Dredge

Suffolk County Dredge

2008 Dredging Season
By Dave Bergen, Trustee
I wanted to provide you with a dredging up-date as we are now well into the dredging season. I have continued to speak with SCDPW on a weekly basis. As I had reported, their goal was to have Budd Pond inlet, Mudd Creek and Little Creek done this season. We ran into challenges with the DEC, but with the assistance of Ken LaValle and Marc Alessi, SCDPW received today a ten year permit for Little Creek. This was great news as in the past, DEC permits were limited to five year. With this permit, Little Creek now has an Army Corp permit going out to 2017 and DEC going out to 2018. They also released a 10 year DEC permit for Deep Hole Creek. Little Creek has been scheduled to be dredged prior to the December 15 window deadline. As for Mudd Creek, the Army Corp just last week asked for additional information. While the information requested was simple in nature, I grow more and more concerned as once all information is obtained, they need to post it for 30 day public notice, and the dredge window runs out December 15 so you do the math. While we have yet to receive the DEC permit, I was informed by Ken LaValle’s office that we can expect to receive it this week.

As for Halls Creek, the NYDOS is still doing their review. Once they provide a positive response, it will then go to US Fish and Wildlife and US Fisheries for their consideration. If and when they approve it, the Army Corp will post it for 30 days, and if they approve, will issue a permit.

I am proceeding forward with an application to Suffolk County Dredge Screening Committee for the entrance to Sterling Harbor. I completed a site inspection with the Greenport Harbormaster, have prepared a letter of application and obtained letters of support from Ken LaValle and Marc Alessi. I anticipate letters of support from Congressman Bishop as I have spoken with him in person about the project, and Senator Clinton. I also anticipate receiving a letter of support from Mayor Nyce.


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