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Aground at the Entrance to Deep Hole Creek

Steven Bellavia writes:

I live on Deep Hole Creek in Mattituck. I would like to volunteer
whatever time and services I could to help promote and protect our
water and adjacent properties. Deep Hole Creek, like others, needs
dredging. I was hard aground sitting directly between the red and
green buoy at the creek entrance Saturday. The farm and road runoff is
also damaging this creek. Pollution is also a problem – I pick up at
least 3 pieces of trash every single day on Marratooka road, adjacent
to the creek, in an attempt to keep it from blowing in. When I called
the town, they told me it was not their problem – to call the highway
dept. I called them and they told me to get the Boy Scouts to clean
it up. I do it myself, but can’t keep up.
I have also been attending all the meetings regarding moorings in the bays and creeks, which is also an issue that needs addressing.

Steven Bellavia

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