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Letter from John Bredemeyer

John Bredemeyer

John Bredemeyer

Dear Chairmen John, SoutholdVoice Directors and Members,

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement in your recent letter.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization for your commitment to open dialog, accountability for potential public office-holders and uncompromising questioning of those of us who would seek the same (your questions were tough!). Would that other non-governmental organizations in Town project their Voice so aptly and provide as serious a forum for their members as your group has during the recent election.

I have resided in Southold long enough to remember it as a largely open expanse of potato field (feeding the country!) with hamlets and associated bays and creeks; stretching from Orient to Laurel, where there were hardly any deer,few geese (Oh boy, were they a trophy!), few if  any striped bass, no turkeys, a few seals in winter, no otters, no eagles, very few hawks, owls and ospreys, no vultures and no coyotes (yes!,now on Fisher’s Island, as per Councilwoman Evans…free, but serious deer control is on the way if they make it to the mainland!) and occasionally lots of weakfish and scallops if you knew where to find them…oh, and I forgot to mention, there was much less erosion and the waters were not regularly so high…no perfect storms and all the damage!

Who knew things could change so much in a generation?

I believe that Southolder’s share this remarkable increase in natural history (yes, and a few problems) as a direct consequence of our good personal habits (with occasional needed “encouragement” from each other and our government) borne of unparalleled rights and liberties that we historically grant to ourselves for mutual protection (especially in the absence of reliable and or solvent sovereigns). Arguably, every waterfront property owner has access to an estuary of “National Park Quality” and as evidenced above, all residents as stakeholders, share a truly amazing place that we are already leaving our children in better condition than we found it! (with a little more deer and goose goop!)

To continue in this manner, I believe, is a worthy endeavor, whether your stakehold be a property, a dock, a clam rake, a hoe or a tree limb – I will be glad to work with you and all Southolders as the Board of Trustees reorganize in the year ahead.

Please feel free to call on me and fellow Trustees during the weeks and months ahead as we develop new initiatives and continue old ones. I am particularly interested in protecting the Trustee’s and Southold stakeholder’s time honored rights of water access whereby the NYS Laws of 1893 allow the Trustees to bring legislation directly to Southold Voters for their approval. If you believe such an initiative would be in the Town and your Member’s best interests, please let fellow Trustees and Town Board members know how you feel as there would be much at “stake” with the rewards greatly worth the effort.

Again, don’t hesitate to contact me.



John Bredemeyer

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