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More Storms on the Way

Josh Einiger of Channel 7 Eyewitness News reports on local preparation for another storm due to arrive in Southold Friday January 7th 2011. Still reeling from the last one, Southold Town Supervisor Scott Russell said,

Last time we were ready for snow, we got a hurricane.

The worry here is wind, not snow, and how to protect the fragile shoreline. High winds are not expected tomorrow, but that’s only this week, and since beach replenishment projects are banned from January through September to protect wildlife, the County will need to petition for a waiver to protect the beaches, and that takes time. Time is not on the side of vulnerable home owners forced to move out of a much loved home that has been in the family for generations.

They’re doing a great job of protecting the Piping Plover, said Steve Levy, Suffolk County Executive, but they’re doing a terrible job of protecting our beaches.

Watch the full report below:

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