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Trustee Meeting November 2008

Waterfront brick BBQ

Waterfront brick BBQ

Trustee Meeting Report There were 5 applications for administrative permits, such as maintenance tree trimming, erecting a split rail fence, replacing windows and siding on an existing dwelling, and all were approved.

Twelve applications for extensions/amendments or transfers were approved without discussion. One of the remaining 5 was applying for a transfer of the permit which came with the property the applicant purchased several years ago. The Trustees discovered the permit application dimensions don’t match the existing dock, ramp dimensions. So now the applicant is in the position of either applying for an amendment or revising what exists to what was permitted for the seller. Lesson: You must compare the existing permit with the existing structure BEFORE you ask for a transfer, because only if the two are identical, will the permit be transferred.

There were only 6 Wetland permit applications and most proceeded with little input and clarification required. One was instructive in that it caused me to recall my mother’s often recited admonition handed down from generation to generation :”When dealing with the ‘Gummint’, Never ask a question you don’t know the answer to!” Remember too that it’s important to sit with your Expediter to map out your strategy of the permit process: Trustees first, DEC last? or DEC first, Trustees last? This applicant is going the latter route and asks for a dock with a mooring pole and then amends the permit to dock and a float. In the back and forth, several ideas are proposed: a dock and stairs, a dock and mooring stake, and a dock and float that would be in water too shallow for DEC approval, any of which the Trustees are willing to permit. Thankfully the item was tabled for future discussion.
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