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Only Rain in the Drain!

Southold VOICE medallion

Southold VOICE medallion


Over one hundred medallions are now educating the public about protecting water quality. These circular aluminum markers and their message are Southold VOICE’s latest measure to protect the quality of water that flows into our creeks, bays, wetlands and Long Island Sound.

Working with the Town of Southold through the Stormwater Management Committee, coordinated by Town Engineer James Richter, and Councilman Vincent Orlando, medallions have been permanently affixed on drains throughout the Town. SoutholdVOICE volunteers located drains, recorded data, took digital pictures and affixed the medallions throughout all the hamlets of Southold. By applying these custom blue/green medallions near storm drains, SoutholdVOICE hope to increase awareness of water quality and runoff effects on our waterways. The four-inch aluminum medallions are decorated with a jumping fish with a motto appropriate to their location (No Dumping, Drains to: Creek; Bay; Waterway; Wetland; Sound or simply ‘Only rain in the drain”).

A brochure, entitled “Only Rain in the Drain” was also created to educate and remind citizens of the effect of stormwater pollution. Brochures have been distributed throughout the Town.

The initiative is being lead by Board Member John Betsch, who said, “People don’t realize the effect that a quart of oil, a cigarette butt or over fertilizing has on our waterways. A lot of times, people aren’t aware that their everyday activities can be causing such problems to our waterways and creeks. Household chemicals, yard waste and trash are common pollutants. Many drains, though seemingly far from a creek, bay or wetland, eventually empty into the waterway through underground piping and culverts. Hopefully from this effort, people will remember “Only rain in the Drain.”

The medallion project is sponsored by SoutholdVOICE through the generosity of its members for the benefit of all citizens of Southold.

SoutholdVOICE, Inc. a non-profit group of persons interested in Southold’s waterfront, in cooperation with the Town of Southold (by Resolution 2008-865) has begun implementation of a self-funded educational campaign entitled: “Only Rain in the Drain”.

Permanent aluminum medallions are being affixed to selected roadside drains throughout the town as a reminder to all citizens that fertilizers and toxins should not be allowed in the drains. This is to help protect our waters from pollution which is injurious to wildlife, increases weed, algae growth and nitrogen loading. The idea is to raise awareness about the connection between storm drains and the receiving waters, to help deter littering, excess fertilizer use, dumping and other practices that contribute to storm water pollution.

The drains that were selected have been chosen to send this message to the maximum number of citizens (high pedestrian traffic areas) and to target drains leading to bodies of water where there are significant issues.

Look for the SoutholdVOICE Blue & Green “Only Rain in the Drain” medallions throughout the Town!

Can you help?

“SoutholdVOICE is putting their slogan ‘Where the blue meets the green’ into action with their ‘Only Rain in the Drain’ campaign. Congratulations on the effort.” Stanley O

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