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Unload by Code – Pump Out Boat Program

As the mighty flotilla of recreational watercraft migrate to our pristine waterways for another glorious summer of fun and relaxation, the Southold Board of Town Trustees have announced their sponsoring of the pump out boat program again. Announcement by the Southold Board of Town Trustees:

“The Trustees are proud to be entering our seventh season sponsoring the pump out boat program.  With the designation of the Peconic Estuary as a no discharge zone, Southold joins with Greenport, Riverhead, Southampton and East Hampton in offering boaters the opportunity to off-load their waste in a safe and ecological friendly manner.  Using the pump out boat reduces the introduction of excessive nitrogen and chemicals into our estuaries which are harmful to the marine ecosystem. Southold’s boat is available on weekends and holidays starting Memorial Day weekend through Columbus Day weekend, from approximately 11AM until 6PM.  One can contact the boat on VHF Channel 73.  We offer this service free of charge to further encourage participation in the program. It should be noted that the purchase, staffing and maintenance costs associated with the boats located both at Fisher’s Island and in Peconic Bay have been subsidized with Suffolk County and NY State Grants.  We greatly appreciate boater’s participation in this program and everyone’s continued support of the Trustee’s efforts to keep our waterways clean.”

For Land Lubbers – What is A Pumpout Boat? A Pumpout boat is a boat that pulls up to other boats and empties their waste tank into a holding tank on the Pumpout boat. It takes the waste to a fixed unit on a dock, or shore area and unloads the waste into sewer lines. This process keeps boaters from dumping waste into our local water ways, keeping our waters clean, inhabitable for humans, fish, shellfish and all other aquatic life. Pumpout boats are making a tremendous difference in helping clean up our waterways. Not everyone has a boat and not every watercraft has a “head”, but everyone can help spread the word to boaters to Unload By Code and Hail 73 when there’s a need to discharge waste.

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