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Southold Township has over 160 miles of shoreline and close to fifty major creeks, ponds and inlets; our shoreline, both public and privately owned (to MHW), is a major asset of our Town which should be cared for and nurtured.

An inaugural cooperative effort is underway to care for “Where the BLUE meets the GREEN.” At the request of SoutholdVOICE, Southold Town has scheduled a shoreline clean-up for the weekend of June 16, 17.

Residents will be able to bring any flotsam, jetsam or other shore laden debris from any waterfront/wetland area to numerous designated drop spots throughout the Town, where Town personnel will remove it. Smaller sized debris will need to be put into clear bags (which will available free of charge at the Supervisors Office.) Larger items can simply be brought to the designated drop-spot. If a contractor is utilized to remove large pieces of debris, they too will be able to dispose of it in the same way.

The following have been designated as drop spots for this clean-up. Look for the signs at each site.

1 Breakwater Beach (Sound)
2 Bailie’s Beach (Sound)
3 Veterans Beach (Bay)

4 Town Transfer Stations (over the scale)
5 New Suffolk Beach (Bay)
6 Nassau Point Causeway Beach (Bay)

7 Indian Neck Road (Bay)
8 Kenney’s Beach (Sound)
9 South Harbor PARK Beach (Bay)
10 Goose Creek Beach (Bay
11 Cedar Beach (Bay)

12 Town Beach (Sound)
13 Sound Drive/67 Steps (Sound)

14 Truman’s Beach (Sound)
15 Land’s End (Sound)

As noted, residents will also be able to bring any of this debris, over the scales, at the Town’s Transfer Station in Cutchogue free of charge.

Flotsam, jetsam, and other debris shows up on the shoreline areas of the Town through tidal action, storms, or neglect. Items can range from balloons, all types of plastics, used hygiene products, tires, tree limbs (and entire trees), dock pieces, flotation, and boat parts – basically anything that has the smallest capacity to float.

Here’s your chance to rid our shoreline of this unsightly debris. Let’s all pitch in! Call John Betsch at 655-7255 with any questions.

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