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Moorings in Richmond Creek

Photo: John Kramer

I took a ride with a SoutholdVOICE  member who wanted to show me the situation in Richmond Creek.  He, too, has been on the list for a permit to moor his boat for 8 years, just like the man I wrote about last monthThe mooring area in Richmond Creek is a deep oval near the end of the entrance channel, big enough to moor at least 6 and maybe 8 boats.  There are presently 2 moorings there, one occupied and one not.  I spoke to Jill Doherty, Chairperson of the Trustees, about this and she said the mooring permits were renewed this year with copies of current boat registrations and fees paid.  Google Earth is an easy way to record and identify every mooring in town, and I will publish simple instructions how to record the location of every mooring in every creek.  If this is done, the Trustee’s office can simply check those current and those not, using the computer in the office. This will save a great deal of time and the expense of using Marine Police boats etc.  The Trustees can then call the people not using the moorings, and get them permitted or reassigned to those on the wait list.  Do I have any volunteers to help get this problem solved? Post a comment on the website or email me at southoldvoice@gmail.com.

By the way, if you should enter Richmond Creek by boat, you will find the rather tricky channel perfectly marked with red and green buoys, not provided by the Town, but by the very generous and thoughtful volunteer effort of some waterfront user who was probably fed up with the Town’s inability to properly mark a channel and just did it himself.  Thank you, I appreciate it, as it is a beautiful creek to visit, but without clear channel buoys, it is too intimidating to risk running aground.  I wonder what the decision process is that results in not putting buoys in a town creek channel.  Is it to discourage use and enjoyment?

John Kramer

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