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Q7: Candidate Qualifications ?

Q7 Qualifications: What qualifications do you have to make decisions on how waterfront property owners can protect their property? Would you be willing to consider professional recommendations as they relate to various applications/permitting processes that may or may not conform to the existing policies?

Jim King

Jim King, Trustee Candidate: You can’t beat experience! I have been dealing with mother nature as a commercial lobsterman for
nearly 50 years. I have owned waterfront property for over 40 years. I have over 10 years of joint trustee-DEC field inspections and evaluation of soundfront, bayfront, creekfront and Fishers Island properties including fresh water wetlands. I have always considered recommendations of and worked with environmental experts, engineers and architects on many applications put before the Board of Trustees.



Bob Ghosio

Bob Ghosio, Trustee Candidate: My qualifications to make decisions on how waterfront property owners can protect their property are mainly past experience as a Trustee and Chairman of the Conservation Advisory Council, as well as my experience in the building trades. Having an understanding of construction and methods of construction really helps me read the plans submitted to us and understand the methodology to achieve the project’s goal. My knowledge of landscaping and plants is also very helpful but I am always open to considering professional input. Coincidentally, my qualifications to be a Trustee also include a degree in natural sciences so I feel I can understand the ramifications of projects on the wetlands or near the wetlands.


Bill Ruland

Bill Ruland, Council Candidate: During my first term in office I have had to research and make decisions on how waterfront property owners can protect and use their property. As part of this process, I reviewed professional recommendations supplied by both the applicants and independent professional consultants. When problems such as these continually arise and all parties involved work together, solutions that benefit everyone’s concerns can be achieved.



Scott Russell

Scott Russell, Supervisor Candidate: I had no particular insight or training specific to the issues that face waterfront properties or the environment. Much of the experience I have developed on the
job was already very much provided by professionals outside of government. I am certainly willing to rely on professionals as I continue to learn.


Jill Doherty

Jill Doherty, Council Candidate: I have the experience with working in the field of protecting water front property and the environment since 1987 when I started working for the Town. I feel I have gained a lot of knowledge over the years. A good amount of my knowledge has been from listening to the experts and watching what works and what doesn’t. A number of code changes that I have made in the past 6 years have been from recommendations from the experts. I will continue to reach out to people that have the knowledge that we need in order to do the best job that I can do.

The Trustees and the Town Board are elected to work for you. We all need to work together to keep the balance of the wonderful way of life we enjoy in Southold Town. Thank you for the opportunity to answer these questions.

Steve Brautigam

Steve Brautigam, Trustee Candidate: I have extensive experience as listed in answering the above questions. I also ran Greenport’s water, sewer and electric departments. I have Carry out over
100 SEQRA reviews, writing and interpreted three different LWRP’s. I reviewed and controlled over three million dollars in storm water grants for the Town of Southampton and worked with Town trustees and project managers.

In addition my family has owned water front property continuously in the town of Southold for over 105 years. In my current job we are on the cutting edge of using permitted erosion control such as: beach scraping, beach nourishment and beach maintenance programs that protect the environment and property.

I would consider the opinion of professionals as long as I had prior knowledge of the purpose of and scope of work. It is almost mandatory if you want to approach a government agency with facts and conclusions in a professional manner.

Bob Meguin

Bob Meguin, Supervisor Candidate: I do not have any specific qualifications to make decisions regarding how water front property owners can protect their investment. I am however open to sound solutions based upon evidence and the
opinion of those professionals advocating for the property owner.






Repeated calls for answers from the following candidates were not answered by press time:

Council Candidates Nick Deegan and Marie Domenici
Trustee Candidate Lynn Summers

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