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Q6: Bluff Protection ?

Do candidates support the use of landscape retaining walls to protect Sound-front bluffs? Can Southold VOICE members get a candidate's support vs. the DEC?

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Q7: Candidate Qualifications ?

What qualifications does each candidate have to make decisions on how waterfront property owners can protect their property? Would they be willing to consider professional recommendations as they relate to various applications/permitting processes that may or may not conform to the existing policies?

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Hashamomuck Cove, Southold, NY

Post Irene report from the North Fork

Joanna Lane, reporting from Cutchogue, notes that even as the storm Irene appears to have passed, they are still getting Tropical Storm-force winds, that continue to topple trees. Lipa reports that 442,000 customers are without electricity and Joanna reports that the internet is down....

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More Helicopter Noise – Joe Fischetti answers questions

Joseph Fischetti, PE Helicopter Advisory Committee was a guest speaker at Southold VOICE's Annual meeting last week. Mr. Fischetti spoke for about 20 minutes, then answered questions. Mr. Fischetti's presentation did not lend itself to video capture for various reasons, but given the strong...

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